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"The Autobiography of a Pennsylvanian" recounts the life of Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker from an autobiographical standpoint. Samuel Whitaker Pennypacker served a Governor of Pennsylvania from 1903 to 1907. Pennypacker also served in the Civil War and…

This 1861 Enfield rifle and bayonet was used by William J. George during the American Civil War. The collection consists of four pieces: ramrod, rifle, scabbard, and sword bayonet. All of the pieces are engraved with the same serial number, 907. The…

Book sharing stories from veterans of the American Civil War

Image depicting John Leister, who served in the Civil War. Leister served under General George Cadwalader of Sunbury.

This Civil War bayonet belonged to John Leister. Leister served under General George Cadwalader of Sunbury. Multiple markings can be found on the bayonet, including a factory inspector's mark.

John Leister used this wooden saddle during the American Civil War. The woven belly-band is intact.

During the war, John Leister served under General George Cadwalader of Sunbury.

Lewis Leib, United States Civil War Veteran, poses for a photo in his uniform. During his service of nearly three years, Comrade Leib was wounded multiple times. Leib served for the Union army.

Lewis Leib, of Milton, was a celebrated United States Civil War veteran. Leib served for the Union army. Many articles were published about Leib's life: in celebration of his 67th birthday, a proclamation of his death, and an announcement of the…

Lyon_Bob-Civil War Dog Tag-Side01.jpg
This identification tag was worn by Anson Longan, Milton citizen, during the Civil War. The identification tag features the names of the battles that Anson Longan fought in during the war, including the Battle of Gettysburg. His name is listed on the…

Benion_Bub-1909 Souvenir Encampment Book-Front.jpg
This book contains photographs of Milton businesses and industries, many of which are no longer in operation. Spaces in the booklet could be purchased to advertise. The booklet is also composed of photographs of non-commercial properties and…
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